Weeks 3-5 | Editing

We will spend the next three weeks working on editing your videos using iMovie and Windows Movie Maker.



Week 3-5 Activities

Asynchronous activities

Work through the parts which are the most relevant to you.

Editing Basics for all

Editing with iMovie

Editing with Movie Maker

Adding a backing track or voiceover in iMovie

Annotating in YouTube

More editing ideas

Synchronous activities

Attend the workshops which are most relevant to you.

Week 3) Editing

  • How to basic Windows movie maker
  • How to basic iMovie

Week 4) Editing part 2

  • adding text, titles and music
  • soundtrack
  • making it fit – auto
  • effects

Week 5) Editing part 3

  • graphics
  • annotation
  • animation
  • screencasts



Week three activity – edit your clips and put them in the right order.

Week four activity – add titles, music and text slides to your video.

Week five activity – add graphics, annotation and animation to your video.



Handy hints collaborative document – please add to this!

Download MovieMaker (Windows only)

Download iMovie



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