Week 6 | Peer Coaching Group Kick-off

Welcome to week six of the Peer Coaching OOC!

This week we will repeat the peer coaching concept to give the first intervision a try in an partly synchronous and partly asynchronous peer coaching.

How this wil be done, will be explained in the following content and in the synchronous event this week. For all who miss the synchronous event. Do not worry! The content of the event will be readable in the part below (asynchronous event).

This week we will start try ou the peer coaching. Really quickly and without much detail!

© Carmen Wolf “Peer Coaching Group forming” pixton.com 2014
© Carmen Wolf “Peer Coaching Group forming” pixton.com 2014

Week 6 Activities

Asynchronous activities

Synchronous event

  • This week we will meet in BigBlueButton for our synchronous event. You received an email with the link and the password to enter the meeting.
  • The meeting will be Monday, 24th November 2014 from 13:00 to 15:00 CET. We will not need full two hours. But since we often run out of time when there are important things to be discussed, I wanted to ensure that there is enough space for it.


Essential// ToDo (!!!)

    • read through the material (see asynchronous activities)
    • take part in the synchronous event
    • take part in the asynchronous peer coaching trial
    • answer the learning question below (blue box)
    • Give feedback on this weeks material!


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