Coaching Materials

Pontydysgu have been running training programmes on counselling, guidance, coaching and mentoring for many years. Most of these are targeted at education professionals, prison staff and corporate managers.   Although we do not have direct experience of working with PES staff on these issues, we thought we would post up some of the materials we have used in case they could be adapted or repurposed by other people.

There are not a lot of words on the slides – they are there as a backdrop for the input sessions on a workshop or training course and to cue in the trainer.  For example, I use a slide of a film reel to remind me and alert the audience that this is the point at which I am going to show a video.

Similarly, we will insert a whole series of activities such as case studies, card sorts, action mazes and role play throughout the workshop and some slides will relate to these.   So, if you see a picture of a slightly manic Cossack, it is the cue to use the case study about Alexei the Russian – which we will also post up.


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