Movie Maker overview

Windows movie maker works best if you have videoed a series of short clips. Copy your video files from your camera or device across to your computer. Then open up Movie Maker and import the files. Drag each clip down onto the timeline in the lower panel and put them in the order you want them. In the top left panel under Edit Movie you will find lots of things to add to your movie. Add video effects and transitions by dragging them onto the clip timeline. Clicking on the timeline at the bottom of the screen allows you to change the length of the clips and add music. Press Play on the top right panel to see your movie and don’t forget to save the movie file, use the ‘Save to my computer’ option, when you have finished. Choose where to save the file then click next, now click show more choices as you don’t want to play the video back on your computer, you want to share it online. Assuming your file is smaller than 100MB choose Video for Broadband (512Kbps). Your file should now be ready to upload to youtube or vimeo. You need to do this to get an embed code so that you can put your video on a blog or other website.