Storyboarding the “Introducing yourself” video

  • Restrict your video to 2 or 3 minutes.  This means you have to get right in there – no time for long intros or titles.
  • Ask yourself what you would like to know about other people, for example, their name, their nationality, their current job (who they work for, what they do), where they live, (their  house, the town they live in, maybe some more personal stuff maybe about their family or their hobbies and interests.  Something quirky that might give an insight into their outlook on life or their value systems or their personality?
  • When you have decided what you want to know about other people, use this as a template for designing your own.
  • Can you cut down or even eliminate the ‘straight to camera’ monologue? In two minutes every second has to count and add meaning.  Apart from the audio, what other content is that ‘webcam-style’ shot adding? Think about symbolism, think about clips of you doing stuff, think about some of the objects you have in your house that can tell a story about you, think about close ups of your hands doing things you enjoy (cooking? playing an instrument? gardening? gaming?)
  • Make some bold decisions about whether you are going to use voice over or text and music.
  • Play around with some narrative ideas – could you interview some object that was representing ‘you’? Could someone else interview you (and let them pick the questions)? Could you describe you from another perspective (like your pet’s view of you or your child or boss)?
  • Here are some introductory videos that other people have made. Have a look and see which you like and try and work out why. Then get storyboarding!