How To… Twitter

Tweet Example

Type into your browser and follow the onscreen instructons to set up an account. Twitter will prompt you to follow some friends, celebrities, interesting groups etc, it’s a long process but stick with it, Twitter is more fun the more people you follow but do only follow people you are interested in.


The next step is to tweet a message – maybe introduce yourself to the twitterverse, tweet someone, tweet someone else, retweet something you find interesting and reply to something.  Remember that Twitter is public so don’t give away anything too personal and don’t tweet anything you wouldn’t say to your neighbour.

Add hashtags # to key words so that others can easily find what you have written.

You should try to repeat this every day for at least a week, you will begin to build a network of interesting and informative contacts.

Now that you have got the hang of it you can organise your contacts into lists, be careful – the people you add to lists will be informed that they are on a list.  My lists include Funny, Friends and Relatives, Ed-Tech, Researchers…


Reasons why you are you doing this;

1. Because this is the place where you really can have a conversation with anyone.

2. Want to find a new way to approach a new topic? There are potentially hundreds of teachers, scientists, health professionals, artists… who can help you out.

3. If you are careful who you follow and use the lists function well you will have a constant stream of customised information.

4. It’s a quick and effective way of both sharing and receiving ideas.

5. Twitter can facilitate your own learning.

6. Still not convinced? Check out e-learning Laura’s blog for a first hand account.